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Sunday, September 16, 2007 @11:24 AM

Where to start?
Well, let's just say that when you are in a transitional situation as mine you have to work on your entourage. When leaving in a city you don't know, when your friends are really far from you, you have to populate your world. So, you meet two sorts of people: the ones you really appreciate but who are not single (read: not as available as you would wish) and the others. The others are those holding the fort. Quite often they would like/hope more from you than you would from them. Let's call it THE HOPER category. And we are all somebody's HOPER, Universe being such a lame joker.
There's a great divide between singles and settling down. And as a single it makes you want to hop in the latter category again but, hey, you can't do it on your own. That's why you're looking for your soul mate so you can walk in the sunset to that now forbidden country. I remember telling my former girlfriend how lucky we were not to be singles. How ironic.

Now, let's cut the theory. Technically speaking, I'm not single. But I'm not in a relationship either (if that were the case, you wouldn't be reading me). So, I'm seeing someone but she isn't the answer. I don't find her that beautiful (actually it tends to be quite the contrary at some time). As for her personality, she is quite (far too) reserved and out of an 8 year-relationship but that's not very relevant. At first, we were just two people seeing each other to find a mutual consolation over our losses. Some sort of a rebound story. But it turned out she is now a HOPER, and of the worst case. Two days ago, she just told me her biological clock was ticking and she insisted on telling me that so "perhaps it will revive your desire for kids".
Good news: my desire for kids is intact (and stronger than ever).
Bad news: not with her, I'm sorry (well, it can also be in the Good news category).

So I won't be riding with her to Settling Down country.



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