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Wednesday, November 21, 2007 @11:55 AM

That was bound to happen
I haven't written a lot lately because things were fine. And just like that I gor a call from her, and just like that, she told me she had a new boyfriend and just like that "World falling apart II" was released. It's a mix o feelings in my heads at the moment.
The good part of things is that now, I can move on. Now, I know it's over for good.
So you know what?I have to move forward.
I had planned to write a long post but it turned out that my night of strangely calm sleep gave me that advice. No need to think about these dark times anymore. She moved forward, focus on what you are and do the same.



Tuesday, November 6, 2007 @1:33 PM

One goes down
So in the never stopping dance of the girls I'm seeing, there's one less. Actually, she was one with already somebody in her life and even if I know we weren't going all the way but it was fun daydreaming about what could my live have been with her.
Now it's over but it has been a cool run, and I won't forget that down under in OZ, when we were chatting, she kept me afloat..
Stay tuned for some other (non)exciting adventures..



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