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Wednesday, February 13, 2008 @7:38 PM

The story so far...
Well, long time no read. It's not that I'm not over her, far from it. Suffice to say I only write when I am in deep trouble, when I can't take it anymore. Where is she now? With somebody else, owing me money, only answering to me with short sentences as if she were writing a telegram, telling me she don't have an internet access 24/7 (but yet, she has time to write for for her blog). Well, that's not the point. Actually, I don't miss her THAT much. I miss being with somebody.
I miss casual phone calls, the ones that crush your plan (not sure it's an English slang expression but, anyway..), the "how was traffic?" sentences (one of the most subtle lines in THE OFFICE, by the way), going to the supermarket and talking about groceries.
Of course, this Valentine's day crap doesn't help. The previous years I didn't celebrate this dollarfest even though I could have. This year, I won't but only because I can't. That makes a difference and a sad one.
I know I'll have brighter days but man, they are long to come....



The Story So Far

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