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Friday, September 14, 2007 @10:12 PM

A drunken ship
And I'm the captain. I have always loved the travel metaphor. I mean, we all travel. Trough life, people and for real. And on one fine day, you find an island, your island. You settle and star a new life. You throw away the map, the ship is falling into pieces.
Then one day, an eruption happens, shattering your quiet life. Three words start this armaggedon: "I leave you". And everything change. As your isalnd is devoured by the waters in fury, your crew has has to run as fast as they could to your ship (if they still know where she is) and just like that everybody is on board watching an entire world disappear in front of your incredulous eyes with only the sound of broken heart filling up the air.

So you're sailing once again, on stranger tides. You have to forget your Paradise lost. It is now part of the stories your melancholic seamen tell in the thick of night. You have to find another world. The world you'll build something on that will last until the end of time. And you have one question:
Where are those F*****ing maps!



The Story So Far

M Welcome to the show! I'm M., a French guy who's 34 and now single. Everything is falling down and I'm trying to put the remaining parts of my so-called sentimental life together. Welcome to my Messy Life! free music




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